Child Support

Child Support Representation in Florida

The Law Office of Melanie A. Cambridge PA handles all aspects of the separation and divorce process, including child support. Although child support calculations and modifications can be complex, the right legal representative can help you achieve a fair arrangement.

How Child Support is Determined in Florida

In Florida, statutory guidelines are used to determine required support payments. Unfortunately, these guidelines aren’t as simple as they may initially seem. Considerations used to determine support levels may include variations in parent income, the number of children, and extraordinary expenses related to medical or psychological care. Additional complications may involve the presence of children from past marriages or relationships, as well as a lack of verifiable income. In some cases, a temporary support order may be necessary, particularly if one parent cared for his or her children in lieu of working outside of the home.

Given the complications involved in determining child support, it is important to work with a lawyer who can advocate on your behalf. Whether you and your former spouse prefer to settle your differences through mediation, collaboration, or litigation, high-quality legal guidance can ensure a solution that promotes the continued wellbeing of your children.

Child Support Modifications

Often, due to circumstances beyond their control, parents charged with paying child support can no longer afford to do so. Job loss and medical expenses can make it difficult for parents to take care of their own expenses, much less pay hundreds or thousands of dollars each month in support. In some circumstances, however, it is possible for financially suffering parents to achieve support modifications. Your chances of securing a much-needed modification are far greater if you work with a trusted legal representative.

Working with a Child Support Attorney

The ideal child support attorney will inform you of your options and which roadblocks you can expect to encounter during the mediation process or in court. No matter which approach you choose to take, it is imperative that you work with an attorney who has your best interests at heart. From child support agreements achieved through mediation to modifications of existing agreements, you can count on Melanie Cambridge for compassionate counsel and patient guidance during this difficult time. A highly respected attorney, she can help you bring stressful family matters to a close so that you can move on with your life.

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